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Snitel package

Snitel package

Take the chicken breast and slice it, beat it lightly, season it, grease the slices with a little mustard (to give it a more special taste in my opinion) and put it in the fridge for 1/2 hour.

Meanwhile, cut the cheese into suitable slices, beat the eggs, add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Take the chicken breast out of the fridge and make the packages on each slice of chicken breast, put a slice of cheese and catch with a toothpick, put them in flour and egg and fry them.

We serve them with pickles or salad, according to preference.

Snitel bread from veal & # 8211 Viennese snitel

Most of you know how to cook it, all I have to do is give advice for beginners. For me, the choice of meat is very simple because we get supplies from an Arab butcher shop where it offers full service, slices the meat and beats it in front of you. The meat is superior, without tendons and they call it & # 8220capac & # 8221. If you have to do this step yourself, choose to buy veal leg. The recommended portion of meat at a meal is about 125 g.

Preparation time 15 minutes



  • 250-300 g of veal pulp
  • salt, freshly ground pepper
  • 1 or
  • flour
  • biscuit
  • oil + a little butter


PREPARATION Snitel bread veal & # 8211 Viennese snitel
1. Wash the meat and drain it.
2. Slice it about 1.5 cm thick, perpendicular to the fiber. If necessary, clean the tendons. With a sharp knife, cut two more slices without piercing it to the end, so that when you unwrap it, it doubled its surface. To cut easily, hold the slice of meat pressed with the left palm and with the right, the blade of the knife is therefore horizontal split, but not to the end, as I said before, the goal is to double its size. I hope I made myself understood.
3. Put the unwrapped slice in a thick bag and beat it with a hammer. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides.
4. In two large plates put flour in one and breadcrumbs in the other. Beat the egg in a slightly deeper plate. Salt and pepper instead of putting them on meat, you can put them in egg, if it's easier.
5. Heat chicken in a pan the right size, 1 tablespoon butter and more oil. You can fry them one by one, you don't have to crowd them.
6. Pass the meat through the flour, then through the egg and then through the breadcrumbs, holding it with your fingers on one edge.
7. If the fire was hot for heating, now give it to moderate. Quickly fry on one side, in a minute, maximum two. With a pair of tongs, turn the schnitzel and fry it for another minute on the other side. Drain the oil on a thick paper towel.

PREPARATION of natural potato garnish
1. Potatoes are best cooked in their skins. For boiling, choose small white potatoes. It takes 25-35 minutes, depending on their size.
2. Clean them warm (hot), keeping them in a clean towel.
3. Cut into cubes, salt and sprinkle with pepper and finely chopped and chopped greens.
4. Serve with a cube (a chip) of butter just before eating, provided they are still hot and the butter has melted.
Liv (e) it!

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Super recipe! Trying to put sesame instead of breadcrumbs, something special comes out.

PS I will try with paprika too, I never put it and I think it's a great idea.

Dear Emma, ​​I know the sesame version, I was thinking of presenting it as another version of schnitzel :). I mix sesame with breadcrumbs in equal amounts. Many kisses !

Last night I was looking for ideas for today's lunch and that's how I got a craving for sniteleeee & # 8230.
Very good, as my husband says :)
Sincerely, Dany

thank you very much for the recipes, I've been a widower for 3 years and it's hard with food, food doesn't come out like the one made by a woman, I don't have any talent, but I can handle it. good health, happiness and growth in life.
with respect Neculai Mircea

I am glad that the recipes are to your taste, I think you will do well with cooking, the recipes on the site are easy to make and accessible to anyone.

German schnitzel & # 8211 authentic recipe

Every man who came to Germany tasted the German schnitzel at least once and fell in love with it. Such a simple and good recipe must be made in every household! Crispy and golden on the outside, well penetrated, hot and fragile on the inside. It is so easy that you can prepare it, in a short time, in huge quantities. In fact, it is best to make more portions than you think you would eat: it will go off the table in record time!

Beat the pork chops, season them well on both sides.

Put the flour, breadcrumbs and beaten eggs in 3 different bowls. Give each chop separately through & # 8211 in the order indicated! & # 8211 flour, egg and breadcrumbs (without the breadcrumbs entering the meat, shake off the excess well).

Don't let the meat stay that way for long, fry it immediate in already hot oil, or the schnitzel will not come out crisp! How much oil? About as long as it is necessary for the schnitzel to swim a little in it.

Fry each schnitzel for about 3 minutes on each side, then take them out on a plate on which you have already put a large paper napkin (to absorb any excess fat).

Serve immediately with a healthy and delicious portion of German potato salad.

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Mushroom packages

Put the toothpicks in cold water and leave until they are used, so as not to burn when baking.
The meat is cut into thin, small and long slices, beaten like a schnitzel and seasoned to taste with salt and pepper. Wash the mushrooms well and break their tails.

Separately mix the grated cheese with a teaspoon of cumin.

Choose 4 slices of meat, place them in the shape of a cross, and in the middle put a mushroom filled with telemea and 2-3 onion scales. The slices of meat rise one by one above the mushroom, thus forming a package. In order not to unravel during baking, pierce the package with two toothpicks, in two different parts.
After we have finished making all the packages, we place them in the tray, we put enough oil and water to reach the middle of the packages.

Leave in the oven at the right heat until golden brown.
These packages are served hot with the desired garnish, I served them with a portion of couscous.
Good appetite.

The veal (cover, pulp) is cut into 1 cm thick slices (not to have skins) they are beaten with a meat hammer until they reach an area 2 times larger than that of an ordinary schnitzel and the thickness of 1 / 2 cm or even less.

The slices are suitable to have 2 longer sides, they will be folded in half and in the middle a slice of ham and a slice of cheese will be inserted, cut in such a way as to enter entirely between the halves of the meat.

The snails are then passed through flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fried. Serve hot, otherwise the cheese will harden.

The Parisian schnitzel can be prepared, also from chicken or turkey breast, the slices are beaten a little, arranging them and frying them in the same way.

Ham can be replaced with slices of boiled or fried brain. Sardines will be used only for those who like their taste.

These schnitzels are served with lemon and flavored butter on top as well as Viennese schnitzels.

Cristina's world

We like rice and I prepare it in the same way.
In this way I have never prepared it until now, but I swear by heart that it was very good. I already have the order from the "kingdom" to prepare it like this next Saturday. Next to it I put some slices of pork, with a mantle of spiced wholemeal flour and sunflower seeds, plus a babana salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and green onions.
Spring rice ingredients:
- 1 cup rice
- 1 carrot
- 1 bell pepper
- 1 small onion
- 5 tablespoons sunflower oil
- 1 cucumber
- 2 green onions
- a few sprigs of green parsley
- salt and pepper to taste
I cut the pepper into strips, I put the carrot on the grater with large meshes, and I cut the small onion into small pieces. I heated the oil and hardened the onion in it for the first time. When the onion became glassy, ​​I added the bell pepper and carrot over it. We hardened them together for 2-3 minutes.

Over the hardened vegetables I added the rice, mixed well and left on the fire for a few minutes, until the rice changed color. I was careful to mix often so as not to stick to the bottom of the pan.

At the end I added three cups of water, measured with the same cup with which I measured the rice. I mixed well, then turned the heat to low. From this moment I did not mix in the food and I let it boil at will until the rice absorbed all the water.

Meanwhile, I cut the parsley and green onion into small pieces, and I scraped the cucumber on the large-mesh grater.

When the rice was ready and absorbed all the water, I turned off the heat and added the green onions, cucumbers and parsley. I matched the taste with salt and ground pepper then covered the pot with a lid and let the rice befriend the other ingredients.

Cristina's world

Look, you can make tasty snacks without frying them in oil!
Until I tried this method, I kept trying to make the snacks in the oven. I was still struggling with them because the crust was not on the meat or even beating it! But fried in a non-stick pan, they are ready very quickly and the crust stays in place & # 9829
This recipe is in line with the Dukan diet - PP days and is perfect for breakfast, dinner, package.

- 1 chicken breast without skin and bone
- 1 tablespoon soy sauce
- 1 tablespoon spice mix (no sugar!) For chicken (I recommend Mammita or Galeo)
- 2 eggs
- 1 tablespoon cow's cheese or tofu (I had a firmer cow's cheese)
- 2 tablespoons fine oat bran (I recommend Pirifan)

The night before preparing the snails, I cut the chicken breast into thin slices and mixed it with the spices and soy sauce in a saucepan with a lid. I put the casserole in the fridge overnight.
The next day I mixed well in a bowl eggs with cottage cheese and oat bran.

In the obtained composition I poured the contents of the casserole, along with the juice and I mixed well.

With the help of a spoon, I took the pieces of meat covered with coca and put them in a frying pan in a non-stick pan.

The fire must be kept small.
I turned them slightly on the other side with a silicone paddle.
They fry very quickly, so don't leave the pan!
When they are golden on both sides, they are ready.

The meat remains soft and juicy and the snails are delicious!
Here's how it looks in the section:

Delicious! & # 9829
Instead of cow's cheese I used tofu in other times and the snails came out just as tasty.
Good luck!

How to make your child's school package

Your child goes to school and you do not know what to put in his backpack so as to ensure a healthy meal and protect him from the temptations of fast food that he meets at every step. Here are some ideas that will help you give your little one a tasty and healthy package.

When he goes to school, the child cannot take large containers with him, so you can't pack cooked food for him, but especially sandwiches, which will keep him hungry until he gets home. In addition, you can add various fruits to nibble on if you get bored during breaks.

Snack ideas for the school package

It often happens that we think about: what snack ideas for the school package to sniff. We want something healthy, consistent and easy. Over time, I made my boy the classic arrangement: sandwiches (with salami and cheese / cheese), an apple and a bottle of waterBut even I got tired of it. We also took a dessert, or, rarely, we put a homemade schnitzel or a little cream soup. I kept thinking, I asked on the left and on the right to see other parents who put the package. Snack ideas also came from the internet and I am very happy to share them with you.

Snack ideas for the school package

  • Sandwiches with black bread, peanut butter or regular butter, berry jam.

Alternative: a few carrots (raw or boiled, according to preference) and some currants.

Don't forget to: plain / mineral water or natural juice.

  • Sandwiches with black bread, cream cheese, salad, turkey breast or Prague ham

Alternative: Rcherry bones (ideal for little ones), cereals, sticks, candies.

Don't forget to: plain / mineral water or natural juice.

  • Cooked pasta with chopped chicken breast and tomato saucee (put them in a special container like a plastic shaker).

Alternative: a Apple cut into large pieces and fastened with an elastic so as not to spread, a few slices of pepper.

Don't forget to: plain / mineral water or natural juice.

  • Turkey breast, cedar cheese, biscuits (You put them all in the package in interesting shapes: heart, star, elephant, etc.)

Alternative: a few cucumbers and a clementine.

Don't forget to: plain / mineral water or natural juice.

For more details and to see the interesting way of food preparation / packaging, please watch the following video:

Thank you for your attention and I can't wait for your opinions! Have you tried these snacks?

Video: SNITEL-BATUTA DE VITA - excellent menu (January 2022).