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Papanas preparation recipe

Papanas preparation recipe

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Papanas preparation recipe

So I put the cheese, eggs, salt, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, salt, sugar, baking powder in a bowl and mixed them until they were very well homogenized, obtaining a crust that was neither too thick nor too soft.

With my hands full of flour, I took a piece of coca about the size of the palm of my hand and made a sphere that I flattened lightly and made a hole in the middle resulting in a ring shape. Separately I made small lumps for the "word": P papanasilor;)

I put oil in a deeper pan and fried them over a lower heat to grow, brown and fry without burning.

At the end I topped them with blueberry jam and sour cream!

Green leaf and a sulfine

I really wish you good appetite! ;)



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