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Cherry jam

Cherry jam

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I washed the cherries under running water, then removed the seeds.

I placed the cherries and caster sugar in the pot of the appliance, then I kept the pot cold for about 30-40 minutes, until the cherries left their juice.

I removed the cherries with a whisk, and over the resulting juice and I added the wine.

I closed the lid, set the JAM program. for 10 minutes and I pressed START.

During boiling I took the foam formed, then I added the cherries, orange peel and gelling sugar and I reset for 30 minutes, then START.

At short intervals I lifted the lid and mixed lightly with a spatula, checking if the jam boils.

When I noticed that the jam started to boil, I left the JAM program for only 10 minutes, then I disconnected the appliance.

While the Multicooker did its job, I sterilized the jars, and at the end of the program I transferred the hot jam into them with the help of the polish.

I placed the jars (without lids) on a tray and kept them in the hot oven for about 10 minutes, until a crust formed above the jam.

After the crust formed, I sealed the jars with the corresponding lids and left them in the oven to cool slowly. Then I transferred them to the pantry shelf.

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