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Pasta and lentils

Pasta and lentils

Pasta and lentils recipe of 15-11-2012 [Updated on 12-02-2015]

Pasta and lentils is a classic first course of the Italian tradition, especially from southern Italy, the recipe is simple and tasty and reminds me of my childhood.
At my house, as well as in many Neapolitan families, the days of the week were marked by a sort of food calendar, just as on Thursday we ate pasta with sauce and meatballs, Monday was the day when my mother prepared pasta with lentils, after the weekend "revels" it was necessary for her to start the new week with a soup and I must say that my sister and I did not mind at all since it was one of our favorite dishes. When last week I found myself preparing pasta and lentils for my husband and I, I couldn't resist photographing it to include it on my blog;) Even if with today's frenetic pace, the best I allow myself for lunch is a sandwich , I will pass this rite of pasta and lentils prepared on Monday to my daughter so as to pass on this tradition so dear to me. Good day to those who pass by here: *


How to make pasta and lentils

Cook the lentils in a pot with plenty of water.

When the water starts to boil, lower the heat and cook the lentils for 20/30 minutes.

Once ready, in another pan, fry a crushed clove of garlic in oil.
Add the boiled lentils, add salt and cook for a few minutes.

Cover the lentils with the cooking water and bring to a boil.

Add the broken spaghetti.

Turn with a wooden spoon to prevent the dough from sticking to the bottom. When the pasta is cooked, serve the pasta and lentils, sprinkling the dishes with ground pepper

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