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Pasta with sea urchin pulp

Pasta with sea urchin pulp

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Pasta with sea urchin pulp is one of the dishes I love the most, sea urchin pulp has an unmistakable flavor and reminds me of family boat trips. My father would dive and collect the sea urchins, then open them with the small knife and we ate the pulp directly in the boat on a few slices of bread, we often pricked ourselves with some thorns, but the sacrifice was worth it;) Who has collected the sea urchins, you know how many are needed to obtain a quantity necessary to be able to use it in some preparation, and in fact, pasta with sea urchins is something that I eat very rarely, so I don't tell you the joy when one of the girls who works with me found me fresh sea urchin pulp in a specialized product shop. Today I give you the recipe to prepare the sauce as I like it, in a very simple way to enhance all the flavor, so you will bring the sea to the table! After yesterday's efforts between cleaning the closets for the change of season, today I enjoy a day of relaxation, I wish you the same, basins; *


How to make pasta with sea urchin pulp

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