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Skewers of smoked cheese and bacon

Skewers of smoked cheese and bacon

Skewers of smoked cheese and pancetta recipe of 14-09-2016 [Updated on 14-09-2016]

Since now I have cleared customs with the skewers, here is my latest creation, even faster and super greedy: the skewers of smoked cheese and bacon, an infinite delight!
For a barbecue or an evening with friends, these skewers will brighten your table and delight your palate, I loved them at first glance and I confirmed my love for them at the first bite. Be careful, because they are one of those things that tend to end quickly, one leads to another, so prepare plenty of them;)
So mom friends, has school started for your puppies? We are on the second day and we have already entered our new routine, we wake up a little earlier, we leave more disorder in the house and we run a little more, we have already entered the winter mood in practice: / I console myself with these skewers it goes, that it's better;) A kiss to those who pass by: *

  • Doses for 4 skewers:


How to make smoked cheese and pancetta skewers

Wash and peel the pepper, cut it into strips and then into squares, and roast them on a hot plate, on both sides.

Wrap each tube with 1 slice of bacon.

Then compose the skewers, alternating provoletta, pepper, provoletta, etc.

Cook the skewers on the same plate used for the peppers, about 4-5 minutes per side, until the bacon is completely drained.

Serve the scamorza and pancetta skewers immediately, until the cheese is still soft.

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