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Tagliolini rolls

Tagliolini rolls

Recipe Tagliolini rolls by on 19-04-2009 [Updated on 11-04-2018]

This is a recipe for a delicious first course that a friend of my mom's passed me on. The recipe consists in the preparation of tagliolini with mascarpone wrapped in a slice of raw ham. As usual, when it comes to new dishes, my husband was wary when I told him I would season the pasta with mascarpone, but then he changed his mind and brushed it all off. You can prepare this dish in advance and then put everything in the oven before bringing them to the table. The only precaution to use for the preparation of these tagliolini rolls is to use a sweet raw ham, such as Parma ham, otherwise the dish will be too salty;)


How to make tagliolini rolls

Cook the tagliolini in abundant salted water.
Drain the tagliolini al dente and put them back in the pot. Add the mascarpone, the provola cut into cubes, the parmesan and the nutmeg.

Mix everything gently until the sauce is evenly distributed. Season with pepper.

Spread the slices of raw ham and arrange a forkful of noodles with mascarpone on one side.

Roll up the slices of raw ham to form a roll.

Arrange the pasta rolls on a baking sheet and cook at 180 ° C for about 10 minutes, then serve the ham rolls filled with tagliolini on plates.

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