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Candy Raffaello

Candy Raffaello

The soft butter, left at room temperature, I mixed well for a few minutes. When it became foam I added powdered sugar continuing to mix until the sugar melted. I added the powdered milk, continuing to mix by hand. Because the composition became thick, I added liquid cream, little by little, always stirring. I also added coconut, and formed a dough hard enough to handle.

I took a piece of the composition by hand, putting an almond in the middle, and formed the balls.

I rolled them in coconut, then put them in special sheets.

About 85 pieces came out of this composition. And since I couldn't prove so much ... I put the remaining ones in the fridge, where they can be kept for a few days without any problem. I serve you each with a candy bar! What occasion?? I'll tell you next time! ;)

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