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Cake with yogurt, cherries and whipped cream

Cake with yogurt, cherries and whipped cream

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First we prepare the cherry jelly. Put the cherries on the fire with 150 ml of water and 150 g of sugar. The 3 tablespoons of starch are mixed with the remaining 50 ml of water. When the water with the cherries boils, add the starch and mix until it binds. Allow to cool.

Whip the cream. Gelatin is hydrated with 100 ml of water. Put it on the fire until it dissolves. The gelatin is mixed with the yogurt, the yogurt is gradually put in the gelatin, then the whipped cream is added.

To soften the biscuits you can make a syrup from sugar water.

Place a row of slightly syrupy biscuits, then put small pieces of chocolate and a layer of cream. Spread the cherry jelly over the cream and then another layer of cream. Put small pieces of chocolate over the cream again, then the second row of biscuits. Cover the whole cake in cream and garnish with melted chocolate and cherries rolled in chocolate.


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